How Many Machines Should I Use At The Gym? (Complete Guide)


Today we will answer the question, how many machines should I use at the gym?

When you go to the gym, do you feel overwhelmed by how many machines there are? Well, I remember I was when I just got started, but it’s barely about how many machines you have at your disposal. It’s about how to use them.

If you’re serious about losing weight, building muscle, and looking great, you need to ensure you’re using the right equipment. And the right equipment will help you get the most from your workout. Every gym offers everything from treadmills to rowing machines to weight lifting stations. However, not all machines are created equal. Some are great for beginners, while others are designed for advanced users. 

This post will share my top picks for the best fitness equipment available. These are the machines that I recommend because they work well for me, and they’re proven to work well for others.

How Many Machines Should I Use At The Gym?

I would use only 2 or 3 machines when I start working out as a beginner. But once I become more experienced in the gym, I’d probably add more machines. This way, I won’t overwhelm myself.

You first need to consider what type of exercise routine you plan on doing. Do you want to focus on cardio, strength training, flexibility, or some combination of those things? Once you know which exercises you want to perform, you’ll need to find the machines which let you focus on that particular exercise.

You need to use the right equipment to lose weight, gain muscles, and look good. And having the right equipment will help ensure you can maximize the benefits of your workouts.

There seem to be many different types of exercise equipment available at gyms nowadays. As I mentioned, there are different machines for various levels of experience. Some machines are better than others.

Gyms offer a variety of features that can help you achieve your goals. They should be able to accommodate different types of exercise routines, such as cardio, strength training, or yoga.

You’ll also want to look at how easy it is to use the machine if you have trouble getting started, especially if you are beginning your fitness journey.

Here are my recommendations:

Top 3 Machines at the Gym To Use As a Beginner

1) The Smith Machine

Smith machines are designed for focused barbell training. They consist of primarily vertical movements, so they can be varied without having to balance the weight. They won’t move sideways or backward but go up and down. The fixed movement allows them to be used by just about anyone.


It provides a sense of security, especially when you consider the fact that the bars can’t drop on you. You can twist the bars so that they safely hook into the racks. This also limits the risk of injuries.

The Smith machine is an excellent tool for any beginner who wants to start working out. It allows you to lift heavier weight than you could do on a free bar, and reduces the chance of injuring yourself.

The Smith machine comes with a variety of exercise options. Next time you’re at the gym, check out the Smith machine and give it a try!

2) The Cable Machine

Number 2 on our list of best gym machines is the Cable machine.

Cable machines are extremely useful pieces of equipment that you can utilize to train many different aspects of your physique and develop your strength, and they’re simple to alter the difficulty level or modify for various workouts once you understand how.

 The cable machine is very versatile. You can quickly and effectively adjust the resistance and the attachments for each exercise, and many practical and fun exercises are available to complete a body workout.

With a cable machine, your muscle groups will constantly be under tension during the entire exercise, whereas when using free weights, your muscle groups may not always be under tension.

With the labeled weight stacks, it’ll be super easy to track your progress and gradually increase the weights you lift. 

Cable machines are excellent for building core strength and stability, and having a cable machine at your disposal; you will not require more equipment for doing ab exercises. You’ll be able to attack your abs and core from all possible angles.

In short; I have added the Cable Machine to the list because it’s versatile and completes the exercises done with the Smith Machine perfectly.

3)  The Treadmill

Let’s finish the list of machines to use at the gym as a beginner with the Treadmill.


The Treadmill can always be your GO-TO machine for your cardio workouts. It’s a perfect machine to lose weight and burn calories. You can also do your HIIT training on the Treadmill if you become more advanced.

The last one on our list is the complete cardio machine. I use the Treadmill for at least 90% of my cardio workout sessions.

Bonus Tip

Use dumbbells!

Training with dumbbells is great because it allows you to work all major muscle groups in a single workout. You can quickly increase your range of motion, learn proper form, and quickly identify your muscular imbalances.

That way you can correct the imbalances early in your fitness journey, so you’ll have a good base when you start lifting heavier, preventing you from getting injured.

These imbalances mainly show when training the chest muscles with dumbbell flies, for example.

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I can’t stress it enough. Training with dumbbells has great advantages. Include the three machines I mentioned earlier in your workout routine.

Also vary your workouts by using dumbbells, and you’ll be able to exercise every muscle group necessary.

My friend, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the newest Men’s Health cover model.

FAQ’S Corner

What is the most effective machine in the gym for overall fitness?

Difficult question, but I would say it’s the Rowing Machine. It’s the best of both worlds. You can do a complete cardio workout and build muscle along the way. It’s the complete machine if you’re looking for the best overall (fitness) health.


In conclusion, if you want an effective workout every time you hit the gym and want to start your fitness journey well, check out the machines I described earlier and include them in your total body workout.

Add free weights to your training, and your training routine will be as complete as possible.

Let’s take it a step further; add a balanced diet, and your fitness goals will be reached sooner than you think.

What is your favorite machine in the gym?

Please let me know in the comment section below.

Stay Healthy and Strong!

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