The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Losing Belly Fat for Men After 40


Losing belly fat fast with this easy-to-follow 5-step guide designed specifically for men over 40 is within your possibilities from today. Discover simple tips and tricks to help you burn fat, improve your diet, and get into the shape you’ve always wanted.

Okay, guys. Our bodies are changing, especially after 40. And although it’s one of the hardest areas to burn fat, with some lifestyle changes and dedication, we can get rid of that stubborn fat around our waste once and for all. Wearing a large amount of belly fat around our waste makes us look bigger and unsexy, and it can also be dangerous for our health. A high percentage of belly fat can cause heart disease and diabetes.

In this article, you will find an easy-to-follow 5-step tutorial on how to lose belly fat for guys 40+.

So, in case you are intrigued?! Keep on reading!

5-Steps to Burn Belly Fat After 40 Fast

Step 1: Understand Your Body

Understanding why you’re gaining belly fat in the first place is the first step in the ultimate guide to losing belly fat for men over 40. Our bodies naturally produce less testosterone as we get older, and our metabolism slows down as well.

It’s not a bad idea to see a doctor and check your testosterone levels every now and then. I personally get mine checked every 2 years.

Weight gain and an increase in belly fat may result from this. Your lifestyle decisions may also have an impact on how much belly fat you have. Increased belly fat can result from eating unhealthy foods, not getting enough exercise, or both.

We must stop looking at ourselves in the mirror and be honest with ourselves. Only then can we make the necessary changes to work on our fitness and health? And as described earlier, these changes can be minor. For example, just stopping eating sugar and drinking more water will imply major changes in your journey to lose belly fat.

Step 2: Exercise

The next step to losing that stubborn belly fat as a middle-aged man is to exercise enough. Make sure to find exercises you enjoy. That way, you will have no problem staying motivated and consistent in your training or workouts.

I mention workouts because strength training is very effective in shredding body fat in general. Working out helps you build muscle which will help you burn more calories and lose belly fat.

Another great exercise would be cardio. Many people don’t enjoy doing cardio because they get bored. These are the same guys who jump on the treadmill to walk for 45-60 minutes. I don’t mind it too much, but I understand it can be a bit boring. If so, be creative; for example, try walking outside, surfing, or try rowing. These are just some random examples. I want you to understand that you must find an activity that excites you.

Another way to avoid boredom doing cardio is HIIT or Tabata training. These cardio workouts are shorter and more intense. Most of these workouts can be done in less than 15 minutes.

No time to get bored, sir!

Since we are not able to lose local fat in a certain area of our body, we are burning overall body fat. And belly fat is one of the last areas where fat will disappear

Step 3: Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

I sometimes sound like a broken record, but eating healthily is one of the major cornerstones of any serious fitness program. No different for shredding that stubborn fat around the waist, my friends. I would even say that this step is the most important one to lose belly fat.

Since we are not able to lose local fat in a certain area of our body, we are burning overall body fat. And belly fat is one of the last areas where fat will disappear. Especially for guys over 40. To lose those last percentages of belly fat, you must make sure you consume way fewer calories than your body burns. As mentioned before, in this final stage of fat burning, besides a strict diet, you’ll also need to do some serious cardio training.

My advice is; to include veggies, fruits, and lean proteins in your diet, avoid sugary, processed foods, and drink 3+ liters of water daily.

Step 4: Get Enough Quality Sleep

The fourth step to shredding that stubborn belly fat after 40 is to get enough sleep. Still not recognized by a lot of people, but getting enough quality sleep is essential for losing belly fat. It’s important for your overall health, for that matter.

Opinions are divided, but in general, you should aim to get between 7-9 hours of sleep. I personally aim for the 9-hour option!

I want to add an important detail to this information. You should try to sleep before 12 midnight. Research shows that the quality of sleep is better in the hours before midnight. They even mention those hours might count as double.

Avoiding stress is another way to sleep better, but this will be an entire article on itself.

Some even go further; look at this passage from an article in, Medically reviewed by Samina Ahmed Jauregui, PsyD

—“Some studies have found that people who go to bed late and have trouble waking up in the morning are more likely to have a shortened lifespan, in addition to a much higher risk of psychological disorders and diabetes.“—

Well, I leave it up to you guys to form your opinions, but please don’t ignore sleep quality.

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It’s critical to maintain your motivation and commitment to your objectives.

Step 5: Stay Motivated

Maintaining motivation is the fifth and last phase. It might be challenging to lose belly fat; therefore, it’s critical to maintain your motivation and commitment to your objectives. Track your development and give yourself a treat when you meet a goal.

Everybody has their own personal triggers to stay consistent and motivated. One of my personal triggers is planning and visualizing my workouts. I’m a bit of a planner.

It’s also very important to be patient and keep going even if you don’t notice benefits immediately away. Reaching short-term goals are very doable, but it’s the long-term goals that will be easier to maintain.

It would even be better AND smarter to focus on the process and no not so much on the result because the results are inevitable when practicing the steps above, and furthermore, it will be easier to enjoy the journey.

So, here you have it. The five steps to reach your belly fat shredding goals faster than ever before, my friend!

FAQ’S Corner

What Supplements Help Improve Belly Fat Loss?

Although supplements might help you on your belly fat loss journey, it doesn’t replace a healthy diet and exercise. The best supplements, like omega-3 fatty acids, green tea extract, or caffeine pills, are natural.

How Quickly Will I See Results Following The 5 Steps?

This will depend on the intensity of your workouts and the calorie deficit you’re creating via your diet, but if you stick to the 5-step plan in this article, you will start seeing results in a matter of weeks.


Now that you have the skills and know-how, by reading this article until the end, you will finally lose that persistent belly fat. The secret to success here is to take baby steps every day.

So why are you still waiting?

Start today by taking the first step on your belly fat-burning journey. If you want to be kept updated, leave a comment below and read more posts on my blog. Your comments inspire us.

Stay Healthy and Strong!

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